There is something adorable in being up to your game as an individual; somehow, it compliments your personality at the work place. Therefore, it is necessary that everyone finds a way to always improve themselves because ultimately it trickles down to the improvement of the organization.
Our Interpersonal Skills training will help participants work towards being that unforgettable person by providing communication skills, negotiation techniques, tips on making an impact, and advice on networking and starting conversations. Participants will be able to drop attitudes that do not conform to their personalities and understand how to express themselves better and effectively.

Target Audience:
This course targets anyone and everyone who is looking to have their interpersonal skills improved.

By the end of this session, participants should be able to:
•Understand how they use their personal abilities to work effectively
•Learn how to manage themselves better, especially when facing work situations which cause them stress
•Be more aware of the impact they have on other people.
•Understand the types and impact of interpersonal relationships.
•Develop the qualities of interpersonal skills for personal and team effectiveness.
•Manage emotions of self and others for positive relationship.
•Build positive interpersonal communication skills.
•Improve non-verbal communication to read others easily and accurately.
•Work with people whose personalities and communication styles are different from you.
•Deliver criticism and solve conflict in a constructive manner.
•Handle diverse and difficult people with less stress and more understanding.

Course Outline:
Module I: Introduction to Interpersonal skills
•What are interpersonal skills?
•Understanding yourself

Module II: Communicating better
•Verbal vs. non-verbal communications
•The art of body language
•Listening and hearing skills
•Asking questions
•Challenges in effective communication

Module III: The Art of conversations
•Elements of a good conversation
•Conversational psychology
•Moving a conversation along
•Sharing ideas
•Building consensus

Module IV: Making an impact
•Creating first impression
•Negotiation and influencing skills
•Assertiveness skills

Module IV: Working through conflict
•Handling critics
•Handling difficult people

Our Approach:

Soft skills helps employee to achieve career success and business goals, and enjoying the process along the way. Eagles online Soft Skills Training in Kenya

Apart from one on one session with our trainers, this course will include;
•Small group discussion sessions
•Role plays and stimulations
•Written and presentation assignments and,
•Question and answer sessions.

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